Cut/Throat Creativity: Structuring the New

THE NEW GROUP invites artists, scholars, students and faculty to participate in CUT/THROAT CREATIVITY: STRUCTURING THE NEW, a symposium designed to stimulate multidisciplinary conversation and consideration of how cultural identity and artistic practice converge to produce innovative work. What constitutes innovative work in today’s age of immanent reproducibility? How does innovation cross or differ across disciplinary boundaries or require multi/interdisciplinary methodological approaches? What makes the pursuit of innovation or newness a worthwhile one? We hope to bring the Brown community into discussion with several contemporary artists and critics in order to get at questions such as these (and more)!

The first half of CUT/THROAT CREATIVITY, on Monday, November 24th, will involve a panel discussion with SIMONE LEIGH, RASHIDA BUMBRAY, DOUG JONES, and LAUREN WITTELS.

The second half of CUT/THROAT CREATIVITY, on Tuesday, November 25th, will be hosted in conjunction with the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts and will comprise of the 2014 Agnes Gund Presidential Lecture. This year’s lecture will consist of a conversation between GLEN LIGON and HUEY COPELAND.

Both events will be held free of charge, in the Granoff Center’s Martinos Auditorium at 6pm and 5pm, respectively.

Cut throat bw_draft_H


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